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Nothing is more delicate in life than brewing a cup of coffee on our own. We can select which beans are to use, whether they are from either robusta or arabica varieties. Creating a mix that can satisfy only our palate is also possible. A lot of possibilities can happen when we own a brewing machine at home.

However, if you are a perfectionist, you will have realized that you cannot trust just any machines for your coffee. It must have detailed customization options of temperature, pressure, and extraction consistency. Only those with high-tech innovations are the ones that should come into a perfectionist’s consideration.

Grinder vs. Pods

brewing espresso in progressCoffee machines use either fresh beans or coffee pods. The pods contain ground coffee and other mixtures that follow the manufacturer’s recipes. Nespresso Inissia, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, and Fantasia Plus are three examples of coffee machines that use pods. According to the manufacturers, their brewers guarantee a perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount of creamer, coffee, and sugar.
They are like the enhanced version of instant coffee.

The brewing machines with a grinder, however, allow you to select the beans, to grind them intimately, and then forces you to exercise your palates when you mix the liquid with some creamer powders or sugar. You are the connoisseur who decides the final taste of your coffee. You have all the authorities to choose which varieties of coffee beans deserve to fill your cup, name them Sumatran Luwak, Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, or Ethiopian Premium.

Smart Brewers

The technology we are heading at is the kind that enables us to connect and control many devices at once. You probably have heard the Samsung smart fridge, which integrates the cooling system with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Internet. It controls the temperature based on the items you put inside.

For the brewing machines, such technology may be still far. However, the closest we can get is the wi-fi coffee makers. They have apps that the user can install on their phones to control the brewing process. Wi-fi brewers are perfect for people who desperately can’t wait for their coffee.

Among the brewers on the market, here are the most recommended: Behmor Coffee Maker, Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine, Breville Smart Pro, and Smarter Coffee Machine. Their prices range from $150 to $200, which make them a profitable deal considering all of those tech features they have.

Extra Notes

a cup of coffeeBefore you buy your brewer, you should pay attention to the machine’s design and match it with your kitchen’s style. You do not want your coffee machine to be an eye-striking object that catches all of the attention in the room. It creates an imbalance.

Second, you need to pick a brand that has easy-to-get spare parts. Grinder blades degrade over time. And by the time it happens, you want to find the replacement fast. Also, do not spend $150 something on a brewer that has no repair option because it will be a financial rip-off.…