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artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now a household name in online shopping. These technologies are mostly used by those in the marketing game covering their functionalities and at the same time improving our experiences. Artificial intelligence is all about having machines and system complete tasks that would have otherwise been initiated and conducted by human beings. The focus is not just on completing tasks but the efficiency of in how they are executed.

Artificial intelligence has redefined the online shoppitech brainng industry and more is expected to come. From quick calculations, ease of payment and automation of critical processes AI gives all the difference between traditional and modern online shopping practices. Wondering how? Read on

Smart Technologies

Smart technologies make it easy for online shoppers to make their design based on visual research and touch. Visual search has been around for some time, but advancements in artificial intelligence have made it more interactive and efficient. Also, smart technologies in social influence allow shoppers to compare different products online by comparing 360-degree views of the products. The internet sensation means that more and more customers enjoying these technological advancements.

Growth of Chatbots

Chatbots remain quite popular, especially when targeting millennials. This technology is mainly used in picking out various trending topics in multiple issues. Marketers can take advantage of an existing trending topic as a way of reaching out to potential customers. In the past, brands that have managed to harness the power of this technology has reaped significant benefits, and this is expected to continue in 2018 and beyond.

Customer Relation Management

Marketers know the value of customer relationship management. A couple of decades ago, customer management somehow was somehow not addressed with the seriousness it deserved, Instead of resorting to aggressive remarketing and things like add exposure, Artificial intelligence has made shifts the focus to directing relevant adds to the right people at the right time. This has made online marketing more effective and customer-friendly.

Image Classification

robots Computer analytics and AI have transformed the way images shared online are classified. It is now a lot easy to find pictures even if you didn’t know the exact name. This has not only improved the way marketers share or advertise using visual methods online users also get a rich experience.

Technology has proved to part and parcel of all essentials in life. Technologies like artificial intelligence have transformed online shopping practices.…