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Laptops are preferred computing devices because of their portability. With almost identical power compared to desktops, it is better to travel with a laptop than with a tablet or a mobile phone. With a PC, everything can be easier to do, like encoding reports, gaming, and researching. With portability in mind when buying a laptop, what is then the essence of purchasing a large screen laptop?

The year 2020 must be a marked year for everybody. This is the year when the coronavirus pandemic erupted. It did not only infect over five million people across the globe, but it has killed more than 350,000 persons and is still counting. Because of the dreaded COVID 19, our way of life has been changed a lot. And this may have something to do with why large screen laptops are the better choice for 2020. Here’s why.

You Spend More Time At Home

coffeeWith the pandemic, everyone is encouraged to stay at home. The virus can quickly spread, so we should avoid crowded places. With a large screen laptop, carrying it outdoors may not be very convenient, but during this time where we should not be going out unless necessary, having a 17-inch laptop has more benefits.

You Can Work More Efficiently

With the pandemic, working adults are also encouraged to work from home. Some companies have already made adjustments, so some employees can work while they are in their own homes. Today, teleconferencing is the manner of how meetings are held. You may not be seeing the faces of those at the conference with you if you are using a small screen laptop.

Workers who have been displaced from their job are also being urged to look for online employment rather than applying to land-based companies. With these developments, you may need a laptop with a huge screen to work better.

You Can Have Entertainment

laptopWhile everybody in your household will be staying at home this pandemic, just like you, you may need some entertainment venues to drive away boredom from creeping in. Watching movies together can be an excellent way to entertain all of you. It will also be an excellent bonding activity. This may not be possible if you have a small laptop because some members of your family may not see images clearly. With a 17-inch laptop, this will not be a problem.

Many brands of 17-inch laptops have leveled up their capabilities but may differ in some specs and functionalities. It’s for you to decide which are more relevant to you.…