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Have you ever come across the term Voice over Internet Protocol? They are commonly referred to as VoIP telephone systems that many big-time corporations favor because of how they offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for their internal and external communication problems. With VoIP, businesses are enabled plenty of telecommunication features:

  1. Hosted VoIP with call recording
  2. Free calls for both incoming and outgoing calls
  3. Conference calls, both scheduled and ad-hoc calls
  4. Record music or promotional messages for clients during on hold
  5. Intelligent call routing, answering colleagues call

Pretty amazing, right? And now that we have your attention, let us tell you a little bit more about the solutions that VoIP offers for your business:

Low Costing Calls


Since VoIP uses the internet to make calls rather than the traditional ISDN telephone lines, your calls are at a low cost and can even be free, even when you make long-distance domestic calls. For example, you’re domiciled in Queensland, Australia, and you want to make a call to Melbourne, the provider will usually allow the call to be made for free, which is a strong VoIP telephone system value to have for a business to reach faraway clients.

No Physical Limitations

One of the great things about going digital is you go wireless. By installing a VoIP telephone system, your business can have service mobility like no other. When you see a business that utilizes the traditional ISDN telephone lines, each phone is typically assigned a number that requires you to remember the correct code and keys to use, which aren’t very conducive in terms of contacting another employee or clients. But a VoIP is different; they offer service mobility, so you can make calls while moving from your desk to another location without the call being cut off!

Simplifying Conference Calls

One of the problems that businesses typically have in both internal and external communication in the conference call and often, a client will lose interest in your company because of how your team set up the conference call to be too complicated or convoluted them lose time and interest. 

Face to Face Interaction

However, a VoIP telephone system can simplify conference calls that allow for video features in real-time with picture-perfect quality that allows for face-to-face interaction between you and your employees or clients. They can also cut the monthly subscription fee that you have to pay for hosting multiple callers on a call.

The Bottom Line

In today’s economy, every business can benefit from having an effective way to communicate with their employees and clients while also reducing costs. Why be stuck in the past with outdated telephone cables when you can use the internet to make your calls for free? We genuinely hoped that you had learned something valuable about VoIP for your business through this article!